Final Day of Atonement



Dr S.W. Theron, September 2020, Anno Domini

Yom Kippur 2020

Together with Yom Kippur,  Rosh Hashanah, the Head of the Year, is still meticulously remembered by religious Jews for more than 3000 years.

Yet it has some shortcomings:  For 2000 years there has been

  • No temple to house the Ark (ARON),
  • No original Ark, Holy of Holies, nor other aspects of the Temple
  • No original tablets with the Divinely written TORAH (Ten Words of Instruction)
  • No atoning sacrifices.
  • They still are Messianic as depicted by the Star of David but do not recognise Him.

Religious Jews, however, for 2000 years,meticulously follow their officially altered rituals:

  • Outward and literal respect of the unaltered TenNaK Scriptures as dedicated Christians do
  • Meticulous preparation for the Day of Atonement:
    • A special bath that assists in sin-cleansing
    • Special prayers with a special prayer book that must be prayed exactly at specific times
    • The ten days of repentance, confession of misdeeds and restitution, prayer, good deeded and attitude renewal for a better life and success in the coming year
    • The Ark curtain is change to white as symbol of forgiveness and many wear robes at this time

Christians, especially more nominal church goers may take a lesson from these dedicated and meticulous Jewish friends:

  • Jewish transcribers have given us a meticulously copied Old Testament with the New now added in which there is absolutely NO modification, additions or omissions allowed, but many Bible-owners do not read of know the content of their neglected Bibles. Others have superficial explanations why they conveniently ignore some or many of the aspects of Divine Revelation.

Against the whole attitude of believers since Moses, the Divine text may not be altered. Many Christians and preachers, however, have softened the aspect of God’s judgment of sin and His Wrath but Jews seem to take full account thereof: They think God has three books that are made up each Yom Kippur: one for the perfectly righteous, one for the perfectly evil, and one for  partially righteousness that need to find grace in the Day of Judgment and Atonement, Yom Kippur! 

As many superficial Christians , however, they have not adhered to the dire warning of Moses as repeated in the New Testament writings.

The New Testament recognises this annual aspect of Judaism but contrasts it with the finality of salvation in Jesus, the final Messiah of the Final Day on Calvary, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. The neglected Epistle to the Hebrews has this contrast well set out: ch 10:28 – 31 warns of the terrible Judgment of rejecting God’s saving grace; the parallel Biblical aspects of religious duties are however both recognised but re-assessed in Hebrews: The religion that Jesus rejected of  sinners being able to earn God’s blessing and forgiveness, is replaced by God’s redeeming grace that does not merit, but leads to, and graciously assists repentance, restitution, prayer, charitable and other good works ….

Both the reverence and protection of the WORD of God in the Ark, the procession of opening the Ark and even kissing the Bookroll for that day’s reading put some less dedicated Christians and even church services to shame! A Biblical church service should centre around  the WORD from the beginning to the benediction! The nearer a “service” tries to imitate a worldly concert, the more it loses the reality of “Divine Worship!”

Throughout this festive period religious Jews seek to confess and to right wrongs done to others in the previous  year, forgive any personally experienced wrong doings and purpose to have better attitudes and deeds in the year ahead. These ten days of contrition are expected to earn the forgiveness of sins against God for the past year and find blessings for the coming year, that only find atonement on the Day of Atonement.

In the New Testament all sin is heinous  and under Divine Judgment (see Romans 2: 12 to 3:36).

The parallel of a whitened curtain and whites festive robes reminds one of the “festive gathering” of Hebrews 12 and Rev. 4 and 5.

Many Protestant churches, however, have lost aspects of awesome respect and of the “festive gathering” of both Judaism and heather festivals. In old UK they had an expression “dressed in their Sunday best” – when we the “liberated moderns”, emulate convicts and labourers with expensive replica-attire as though one was going to a sports stadium or picnic, or meet on the LORD’s Day for informal chats as we wait for the “performance” to commence, many have lost the sense of being reverently called before and approaching the  Great White Throne.


After explaining the Final WORD of God in and by the All-transcending SON Himself,  as both Judgment and Grace, the final salvific work and service of our Sacrificial High Priest and His Sacrifice is worked out against the background of the OT Scriptures. But interlaced with the “teaching” for his students, the author applies exhortation and moral sobriety in a very decisive way: we are not to glide away from the Teachings of Jesus Himself (ch2), resist the hardening of our hearts (ch 3), missing the promised rest, but rather come boldly to our High Priest at the Throne of Grace and Mercy (ch 4),  in stead of apostatising, growing in grace ch 5-6);  after his grand piece of explaining the perfect New Covenant High Priest and Holy of Holies, St Paul; admonishes 10: 19ff):

“Therefore, brothers, having the liberty and confidence of entering the Holy of Holies by the blood of Jesus by a new and living path that He has opened for us through the curtain, that means through His sacrificed Body, 21 and having a High Priest over the house of God,  let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled and purified from a bad conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. 

  “Let us firmly hold, without wavering, the confession of our faith, because He who promised this is faithful. And let us consider how to urge each other to love and good works.  Let us not forsake our meeting together, as is the custom of some, but let us admonish one another, especially as you see the DAY approaching.

  “For if we purposely continue to sin after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no longer sacrifice for sins remains, but rather a fearful expectation of judgment and fiery indignation, which will devour the enemies.

Anyone who despised Moses’ law died without mercy in the presence of two or three witnesses. How much more severe a punishment do you suppose he deserves, who has trampled underfoot the Son of God, and has regarded the blood of the covenant that sanctified him to be a common thing, and has insulted the Spirit of grace? 

For we know Him who said, “Retribution is Mine,” says the LORD, “I will repay.”And again He says, “The LORD will judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Be reminded that St Paul has from the beginning emphasised the awesome Judge in ch 4:12: “For the WORD of God is living, working,  and sharper than any two-edged sword – it cuts deeply even to the dividing soul and spirit,  joints and marrow, yes, judging the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

To summarise in comparing Yom Kippur as honoured in Judaism to the Christian experience of Judgment and Atonement:

In this whole respect, one should bring into perceptive the High Festive Days of old Israel as respected by present-day Judaism: The Day of Atonement and the Day of Judgment:

Serious present-day sons of the Covenant (B’NI B’RIhT) seriously regard the awesome judgment of God regarding the breaking of that Covenant, that is the awesome evil of sin and the need for repentance, restitution, change of innermost attitudes in forgiving and living positively which includes doing well to all others.

Various aspects of the repeated Yom Kippur differ from the Christian experiencing the perfect peace of a lasting atonement:

  • According to the New Testament the Day of Atonement and terrible Judgement occurred on Calvary, the Sinless, Passover Lamb that was slaughters and rejected by all as a total and final answer to the guilt of humans, yes,  the final and awesome retribution by a loving God that wants crooked, evil hearts “reborn” to a totally dedicated and loving existence that experiences His Peace and loving outlook under all circumstances.

The recurring day on the Old Covenant calendar and repeating of ten days of repentance before the Day underscores the temporary effect of their yearly repentance in the hope of a better year.

In contrast, especially St John and St Paul taught and experienced the Scriptures as lived and taught by Jesus Christ as God’s final WORD for the FINAL DAY and final solution!

  • YOM KIPPUR has various aspects that do seek attention one a year at Easter but need experiencing continually throughout every day.

For a Christian believer the Day of Atonement’s decisive day, once and for all, was on Calvary 2,000 years ago, but it has a repetitive “day of atonement” when a repentant sinner stands before that Cross realising the depth of his evil heart and doings (judgement) but also realises the peace that passes all logical thinking, of not only having it totally forgiven, but of the Holy Spirit changing His life to serve the Living Covenant LORD according to Living WORD.

“He who is sitting on the Throne is speaking, “Pay attention! I make all things new” (see Rev 21:5).

God in Christ, our Messiah at the right hand of the Almighty, has appointed, delegated, and sent His Plenipotentiaries (Apostles), that still confront all from the Living WORD, especially “Children of the Final Covenant, B’NIh B’RIhT:

      “Therefore, if any are in Christ, they are new creations: old things have passed away. Pay attention -behold, all things have become new. 

“All things are from God, who has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and has given us this official task regarding reconciliation

“This means that God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the WORD of reconciliation.”

So, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, Be reconciled to God!

[1] The WORD quotations have been abbreviated and elucidated by the author for this essay.

[2] ARK Picture modified from Wikipedia, Open Domain. Moses – copyright

Are you personally reconciled to God?

As a Child of God’s Covenant, can it be seen in your whole life?

Personally proven Religious Reality

For ages homo-non sapiens has widely used natural logic for better and for worse. Human logic, however, limited by time, space, energy. Arrogant critics and arrogant religionists cannot escape our personal space/time capsule tunnel-vision. Yet too many think themselves omniscient and omnipotent.

The “category” of non-space/-time/ -physical energy is unthinkable and beyond our minute logical abilities. Earlier atheists believed and trusted an ‘eternal universe’ but had no other word to describe ‘eternal’ as TIME-less, which in our limited capsules is non-sense!All humans have to experience and practice a degree of love-respect-trust beginning in our pre- and post-womb existence[1].

Some examples:

1. Even Charles Darwin, darling of atheists and (more honest) agnostics, who was searching for a racialistic, imperialistic, “missing link” among the Patagonians and Pasifika donated a handsome sum to Capt. Gardner’s mission as whole communities were transformed to civilised societies.

2. In 1990 nuclear scientist and head of nuclear research in South Africa, Dr. Louw Alberts addressed a group of French tourists, one being an avowed atheist, on why a scientist believed in God and Jesus Christ. At the end of the lecture, he acknowledged that both believers and unbelievers have ultimately to take a jump of faith, but he personally preferred the lesser jump of believing and trusting God. The science lecturer astounded the audience with a resounding “Amen”!

3. While logic-driven church gatherings in Europe were arguing the pros and cons of Biblical based dogma, folk like especially Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf in Moravia, learned but sacrificial missionaries from the UK (like W Carey of Bengal and D Livingstone of Central Africa) as well as many European missionaries took, exported the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Judaeo-Christian ethics to the uttermost corners of the world – the message that had changed savage Europe itself! Such “proven” changes having been recognised by Darwin himself!To this day, believers in many countries that have superficially accepted the humanistic Charter and its human rights applications, peace-loving believers are still paving the way to more civilised futures by their sacrificial blood.

[1] Without respect and trust human existence will hardly be possible and when limited to own kith and kin, has caused thousands of cruel and savage inter-tribal clashes, genocide, and slave-taking. When we vote or drive a car, we exercise trust; when we drink from a tap or switch an electric appliance on, we respect and trust our unseen co-citizens.

Warning to Pax-related Churches


paxLOG0 99

Pacific Academy for eXcellence, Box 65467, Mairangi Bay

(See free offer at end of this letter)

Dear fellow-laborers in God’s Kingdom, Greetings in the NAME of our Covenant LORD JESUS CHRIST,

  1. If PAXACAD has not been useful or not to your liking, please reply to your name will be erased from our data. If you find our advice useful, send forward it to friends and associates or send their e-mail address to the Academy.
  2. We remind you that PaXmeans peace in XRISTOS = CHrist who is the centre of all our PaX Courses in the Old and New Testaments  – our letterhead shows two ancient pieces of the Old (above left) and New Testaments (on the right), The Cross under the Covenant Rainbow, the Southern Cross that led and guided many seamen across our Southern Oceans and the Sun of Righteousness rising over Auckland’s Rangitoto Mountain that has brought Christian Peace to thePacific Islands. Our students are required to experience their salvation and peace in CHrist only.  Our first NZ building was housed in an old Covent School “Star of the Sea” with its Cross visible across the Gulf for 100 km and inviting seamen home to safety.
  3. PAXACAD ADVICE 110: PaXhas served smaller and independent churches and their leaders for many decades and humbly advises them to have a written statement of their doctrines (a CREED) or basing their teaching on the ancient creeds recognised by the more Biblically based churches across the world. The Bible (understood as written in the original texts in Hebrew and Greek languages) is our measure of correctness (CANON means measuring rod) and then these old Christian explanations or creeds. Our Academy in Bangladesh uses the Westminister Confession as their basic teaching.

I Cor 3 v 11: For no one can lay any other foundation than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.

In this way, one can better “measure” whether our ministers, pastors and teachers have CHrist at the centre of both living and teaching.

Does your church, congregation or mission have a statement of what is believed – a CREED?

  1. PAXACAD ADVICE 111:  Smaller and independent churches can fall into the mistake of just following their first and other leaders, with few ways of “measuring” and correcting leaders who leave the only path of salvation. Jesus said:” I AMthe way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father, except through ME!” Every Christian Church called by the NAME, has a written Church Order so that every member, teacher and leader knows and accepts their responsibilities and are responsible to their church board or committee and can be corrected and even disqualified for not following the only WAY of LIFE in Jesus.

I Cor 14 v 40: But everything should be done in a fitting, orderly way.

Does your church and congregation have, know and apply a Church Order?

Thousands of churches, big and small and scores of seminaries (see )  have lost the only WAY where leaders have all sorts of practical or logical explanations that undermined the authority of Christ Himself and His authorised Scripture. In this way, they create their own skewed images of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit, and the authority and salvation as given and promised in that Inspired Holy Bible.

When a poor musician in 1741 composed the Great Musical “The Messiah” he experienced the openness of Heaven. When the English King heard it, he stood to his feet and till today each Christmas thousands stand to give praise to Him sho lives forever and ever. But when Queen Victoria heard it, she stood to her feet and held her crown to heaven on high.  Humble Church members, teachers and leaders give all the glory to God and do not seek their own glory. Soli Deo Gloria.

Let us all keep our service subject to the Covenant Blessing given to Father Abraham, “I will bless you … and you will be a blessing … to all nations.” 

 Doc Stan (PACAD)    Auckland 10 days prior to Pentecost, 2020

Post Scriptum: John’s Gospel is a wonderful way of starting Biblical Studies before trying to understand all the terms that Western academics have used to explain Biblical doctrine. It is written in simple language understandable by all from 3 to 103 years of age but revealing the great Truths and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Pacific Academy for eXcellence has developed a way of helping young children read and understand every paragraph of the Gospel and is also available on two higher levels: For teens and adults, and an advanced study. The Quizz “Asking the Beloved Disciple about the Great Galilean” by Rev Dr Stan is free with absolutely no ulterior motive than introducing more folk to the only LORD and Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth.

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Psalm 22 in the heart of Jesus

Psalm 22 as Jesus onderskraging op die kruis (in Afrikaans beskikbaar op aanvraag)
Psalm 22 in the heart of Jesus during the terrible hours on the cross
Senior Lecturer – Rev Dr Stanley W Theron
Ps22 Heart of Jesus
(Task 03 in OT 02 course)
1. A Gospel is “Good News” of the Life, teaching and Salvific work of Jesus, the final Messiah/Christ:
· Where the Epistles are signed by Christ-appointed Plenipotentiaries, because of their Christ-given authority, Gospels are not signed but a close reading will reveal tell-tales aspects that support assigning them to Matthew, Mark (the secretary of Peter), Luke (the loved physician of Paul, and of John, the youngest and Beloved Disciple/Learner.
· A “Gospel” like that of St John uses 60% of the book for the first 33 years of the life and teachings of the Christ but up to 38% to His Last Week!
A “Gospel” reveals that the teachings of the Old Testament (Moses and the Prophets) form the basis of the teachings of Christ and of His ordained apostles.
· The Gospels are not so precise as to the birthdate of Jesus, but all specify the time and date of his death that fell on 15 Nissan the date of the first Passover when the paschal lamb was killed (Exodus 12). Isaiah 53 talks about “like lamb to the slaughter and the Baptiser twice points to Jesus as “the Lamb of God” as taking away the sins of the world.
2. On memorising “Moses and the Prophets”.
Priests, Levites, and Kings were supposed to study “Moses and the Prophets” and till today rabbis can recite at least the books of Moses. Elizabeth and Mary were both related to Aaronic Stock and both Mary and Joseph were related to the royal Davidic stock.
Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 give the most detailed description of the crucifixion of Jesus. And Psalm 22 verses 1 and 31 seem to have been parts of a Psalm well-known to Him. The first and last verses are quoted on the lips of Jesus, but no doubt the whole Psalm could have been in His mind. Priests, Levites, and Kings were supposed to study “Moses and the Prophets” and till today rabbis can recite at least the books of Moses. Elizabeth and Mary were both related to Aaronic Stock and both Mary and Joseph were related to the royal Davidic stock, while Joseph is described with the same concept first attributed to know “just” and counted among them that expected God’s salvation. These folks took God’s Word very seriously as seen in both description and the Biblical references by Elizabeth, Mary, Zacharias, and Simeon.
See pages 2 and 4. According to this author’s analysis of Psalm 22 (modified KJV), it consists of some 70 or 71 lines of poetry, maybe 11 shorter and longer groupings (stanzas). These groups of lines are related to each other as to parallelisms and concepts (words and ideas). Your three-week task is the following:
· Prayerfully read the lines in two or three translations and decide whether you are satisfied with the wording.
· Study each group and give it a title: verse and line one is the title and author, King David.
Verses 1b to 3 (lines 2 to 7) are a unit: what is its title as to its content and relation to the rest of the Psalm? How are the lines parallel to each other (synonymous – having a similar meaning, antonym – having an opposite meaning like “but”, explaining – like ‘for or because”, leading to a climax or allowing concession- “although”. Repeat for all groupings (stanzas).
· Repeat your exercise but relate each stanza to what happened during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
This is a task from one of PAX ACADEMY Theological training lectures. A full free copy in pdf available from
If you know of persons in remote areas of your country that would like to start a branch or just free courses from PAX please contact us.

in memoriam Iesu

In memoriam Jesu  (na aanleiding van Jesaja 53)


(sien voetnota)

Wie het Gods WOORD aan ons geglo,                                                                                          Die Almagsarm van onse HEER?
God’s spruit ontspruit uit dorre kluit,        ‘n Wortel het weer uitgespruit.  
Geen koningsglans of erekrans                 dat oog of hart Hom sou begeer,           Deur mens verag, gehaat verlaat –           Die Man van pyn, vergruising, smart.                   smart. 
Wreed deurboor, ons sondeprys, Verbrysel vir ons sondigheid,                    Vir vrede ook ons straf gedra,                    Vir siektes kom genesig daar.   
 Geen weerstand, maar mishandel wreed,        het Hy geswyg, geen woord gespreek:     Die stille Lam ten dood gelei,                      Ja, voor Sy skeerders stil gebly. 
 Uit druk-gerig, ru weggelei,                        Uit die wat leef, wreed afgesny,                 Vir God se volk is Hy geplaag,                 Geen tydgenoot het Hom geag.          
 [s w theron, Opstandigsondag, 2020  ]
Geen skandegraf maar Rykmanstuin, opreg geleef, en reg gespreek,                     Sy offer sal  ‘n nakroos sien,                       Ja, tyd verleng en seën voorsien.
Na Lyding, kon Hy Hom verbly:               “My Kneg, die Regter hoog en vry” –            Hy het ons skuld voluit gedra,                   Ons vrygemaak, en reg verklaar.  
As Magtig en as Hoog bestel,                       Sal Hy, Oorwinnaar, buit verdeel;              Sy lewe juis so leeggeleef                             om bose sondaars te vergeef.  
Sy kruisgenote moordenaars,                    juis om ons skuld vol te versoen,         “Vader vergeef,” sy finale Woord,             So aan ons reddingsplan voldoen!    

Garden Tomb wiki

HY is nie hier nie, Hy het opgestaan.

NOTA: Michaelangelo het hierdie “Pieta” vir sy eie graf bedoel. Hy was ‘n opstandige jong man wat uit protes teen die vurige Savonarola padgegee het na Rome. Na sy pastor se verbranding, het hy sy pad verander en net aan godsdiens hom toegewy. Sy eie gesig pryk onder die Nikodemuskap.
Liewe leser het jy jou so met jou Meester vereen-selwig dat jou hele lewe Hom gewy is?

Weier "JA" vir Vrees en Stres. Leer dan by Koning Dawid sy antieke les vir groter sukses


, , ,


Diaboliese vrees en stress is oorsaak of verergerende faktor van fisies, emossionele en godsdienstige onheile.

Vir 30 jaar help Doc Stan se rympies, liedere en kursus talle student en ander om stress hok te slaan vir meerdere en gelukkiger studie-sukses.

2,600 jaar terug het Koning Dawid geweet hoe om maniese depressie aan te spreek, maar ook om persoonlik as voortvlugtige rustig te kon slaap.

Doc Stan het twee van Koning Dawid se stress-werende liedere saam-geflans tot ‘n streswerende rym wat op Brahms se klassieke wysie gesing kan word.

Met C-19 virus in die rondtesoek ons groter traua seur stress, vrees, angs. Een voorstel is om vir 20 sekondes die hande met seep deeglik te reinig teryl gesing word om die tyd om te kry.

Doc Stan se voorstel voeg ‘n oggend en aand gebed uit Koning Dawid se toonkuns daarby met meer waarde as ‘n pop-liedjie!

Hier is die beryming en bladmusiek, of soek die wysie  op

Toe ek lê om weg te raak, kon U HAND oor my waak;

As die môrelig my wek, wys U my weer my plek.

U bewaar my van gevaar waar ek U WOORD bewaar;

Voor ek roep, weet ek voorwaar, is die uitkoms al daar!

Toe ek lê om weg te raak, kon U HAND oor my waak;

Toe die môrelig my wek, kry ek weer my plek.

U bewaar my van gevaar waar ek U WOORD bewaar;

Voor ek bid, weet ek voorwaar, is die uitkoms al daar!

(Copyright  2008)

‘n TAAK vir kinders en Jeug:

Miskien is daar jongmense wat sou wil e-vriend met veilige e-vriende op ons veskeie PAX- skole in afgelee oorseese gebiede. Dit verbreed ons uitkyk en help kinders in verre plekke om iets tel eer oor die wye wêreld met sy gevare.

PAX ACADEMY bied ook gratis e-pos of Skype beradingen gratis e-pos kursusse in beide Afrikaans en Engels wat ons kinders en Jeug besig kan hou as hulle  ‘n tydlank tuis ingekluister word. Hieronder is daar van ons populere, dekadelange aanbiedinge :

  • A new QUIZZ on John’s simple but profound Gospel  – 
  •  for pre-school to retired folk                                
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  • Single or Certificate level and understandable Biblical Theology

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Kadawers in mod religieusiteit (Cadavres in mod Religiosity)

Respect for human life and death in times of Rembrandt van Rijn – net een kadawer per jaar vir ontleding toelaatbaar!

In die buiteland het die voortsetting van ultra-liberale teologisering, min vrug gelewer op kerklike ontwikkeling en kerklike vrug in bereiking van ongelowige tuis en in die verre wereld. In die XVIIe eeu terwwyl Protestantisme orals besig was om dogmatiese voete te kry, het die bekeerde Ludwig von Zinzendorf en sy Morawiese sendelinge the hele wereld deurkruis met die konfrontasie van die verlossende Evangelie van die HERE Jesus Christus.

In die XXe eeu in talle Europese godsdienstige organisasies is hul navrug van hulle uiters-vrugbare XIXe eeuse sendings, afgeskaal tot non-evengeliserende bystand van die “dogterkerke”. ‘n Gewese florerende Missionshaus in Basel is nou ‘n luukse hotel wat moet help om sulke werk en sy tuisfront nog in stand te hou! In baie lande het die “dogterkerke” afgeskei van die “moedersending” wat die eenvoudige Bybelboodskap van verlossing vaarwel toegeroep het. Tans en in die afgelope twee dekades het ook daardie “moederkerke” geskeur, met geleerdes wat tevergeefs die afname in kerklikheid en getalle ontleed.

Missionstrasse 21, Schweiz

Met die onlangse van die Algemene Sinode (NGK) se powere, dubbel-seggende besluite is ‘n tendens duidelik te bespeur: dat ons ons hedendaagse en polities-verwante dilemma aanspreek met twee botsende aanbevelings goedgekeur!

Met alle respek vir ons seergeleerdes en meerdervergaderings van ons geliefde NG Kerk, is dit duidelik dat die Westerse analiserende metodiek min eensgesindheid bereik, ingeslote algemene foutiewe exegese van Johannes 17 i.s. organiese kerklike eenheid sonder die faset van persoonlike eenheid met Christus as huidige belewenis!

In die huidige polarisering t.o.v. Skrifbegrip, -gesag en -relevansie het die Westerse Kerk sedert die Sinode van Gangra en die pouslike Gregorius III die welgeprese Raad van Jerusalem (c. 49 nC) se waarde gesien en gehandhaaf as afskaf van die Mosaiese Israel-verwante wette, veral die besnydenis, maar min aandag aan die vroeg-Joodse parallel gegee. Selfs die belese BM Metzger se 9 bladsye tekskom-mentaar met talle verwysings na onlangse kommentare het geen verwysings hierna nie.

Renaissance kunstenaars het soms hul kunswerk met meer presiese Woordvewysing gedoen as baie Bybel-kritiese lesers.

Prof Johan Heyns het hierdie logies-analiserende, “objektiwistiese benadering vergelyk met “kadaver”-metodiek, waar analises so fyn word dat als van God kenbaar word in ‘n doodshuis vol stukkies en brokkies!

In die buiteland is die skerwe van vorige kerklike werk en invloed wyd gestrooi, is die RSA op dieselfde pad waar VV voorskrif en beleid ook kerklik gevolg word, bo en in stede van die beproefde gehoorsaamheid aan die Ewige Verbondswet?

Hierteenoor het die Joodse geleerdes vir meer as 2000 jaar wel kommentaar gelewer oor die noodsaak van nie-Jode om wel “Die verbond met die seuns van Noag” te gehoorsaam.

In Hand 15 is dit opvallend dat die spanning veroorsaak is deur die wat “besnydenis en die rigiede wet van Moses” vir die nie-Joodse gelowiges wou voorskryf en hoe die Evangelie juis die dubbele aspek van Amos vervul: vir Jode en die volkere .

 Die “Heilige Gees en Raad” (in daardie volgorde) neem ‘n eenparige besluit en stel dit in ‘n brief waarmee almal (die Raad) en brief-ontvangende nasies juig. Verder val dit op dat die seergeleerde rabb-apostel nie alleen met die inhoud tevrede is maar dit in al sy briewe uitspel soos alle Joods-Bybelse denke van sy tyd!

Die welbekende Joodse begrip neem in ag dat die volkere nie by Gen 19 (Abraham en die besnydenis) en nie by Sinai teenwoordig was en dus nie ingeslote was nie maar wel by Adam en veral by Noag se opdragte wat hulle enersyds in ‘n paar sinne weergee (maar soos hulle eie Moseswet in 6 verdere uitlegte weergee).

Ook in die nie-kerklike literatuur word daar dan met reg op die Westerse beskawing gewys op ons etiese Judaies-Christelike basis.

Vyf uit sewe Joodse stellings, vervat in vier Raadsuitsprake en die inhoud van die als-omvattende “hoerery” [PORNEIA], word in die NT-geskrifte soos in Romeine met tipies-Joods/OT verduideling en afsku gevul, maar in die heiden volkere beoefen en selfs aanbid soos in Molog-Baalim!!

Moderne lesers asook seergeleerdes, mag dink dat die Apostel nie van beter geweet het nie. Die skoen is miskien nou op ons van die afgelope dekades wat arrogant nie geweet het dat die Apostel, ook juis met gesag wel die Skrif en evangelise belewenis van beter geweet en beoefen het!

Miskien moet ons meer kundiges, wat beide Grieks en Hebreeus goed kan lees, ag (selfs kritiese aandag) gee op die duidelike posisie wat Dr Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg se insigte in verband met die NT as nie geskryf in Bybel- of KoineGrieks nie, maar in Joods-Grieks. Dit kan ook ‘n besondere balans bring aan die geleerdes wat kies vir “sinkroniese” teenoor “diakroniese” woord-betekenis (vgl Prof Jannie Louw/Naida se lywige NT leksikon en die van Jenni/Westerman).

Post Scripta:

  1. Huidige skrywer het nie alleen in Basle tuisgegaan nie, maar ‘n paar duisend bande uit die boekery gekoop van ‘n “sending” wat nie meer opleiding sou bied nie – selfs met sy Bybelkrietiese boekery waarvan hy ‘n paar duisend gekoop het. Hy het ook as gas een van hulle laaste klasbemagtigings bygewoon met die huismoeder se kritiek: As die sendingstigter van die aand se doen en late sou weet, sou hy in sy graf omdraai!”

2. ‘n Artikel in beide Afrikaans en Engels oor die “Noagiete Verbond” het al ‘n paar jaar terug verskyn en wyd gelees oor die wêreld, maar bly in die RSA redelik onbekend of opsetlik ignoreer!  sien

3. [Foto’s: Moses-standbeeld in Auckaland; ander swt aangepas uit publieke domein]

Mary`s Magnificat

(Tune “My hope..” Eaton adjusted)

Great praise and thanks to my Covenant LORD,
You do as Promised in Your WORD
My Saviour who has set me free
to live and serve Him eternally:
He saw the need of His humble girl –
I am remembered across the world,
As the happiest-ever, humble girl.

Great things my God has done for me;
His NAME shall ever holy be;
He shows His Mercy and His Grace
to them who fear Him in every place.
Yes, ever till the end of time
His helping Mercy is sublime (2x).

His mighty Arm has scattered all
The proud till their plans in fragments fall;
He took high kings from off their thrones;
He lifted up His little ones;
The hungry He has fully fed,
The rich sent empty to their bed (2x).

His mercy helps His son, Israel,
as to our fathers He did foretell,
To Abraham and his family,
In time and for eternity.
Let all His mercy loud proclaim,
Yes, all who love His Covenant fame,
Yes, all who call upon His NAME!

[copyright 2020 –

Afrikaans version available of request]

I have read the Prayer of Praise of the Virgin Mary, many times but only paid special attention to it twice, the last time a special study with explaining it to Greatgrand-daughters (my analysis is free for the asking ( So on Christmas Eve, I was privileged to speak the WORD at a family gathering. This included a simplified poetic version that can be sung to a modified version of “My hope is built …” I am placing my poem which is copyright but free for use in Christian churches and institutions.

King Tut and “pseudo-scientific mythological findings

Old and oudated lib academics have “pseudo-scientifully proven” that many Biblical characters and narratives are myths. Archaeology has since the unearthing of King Tut, however, the demythologised, old-lib myths have been shot down and buried, but though the oudated, lib-acads have passed to their “reward”, their “well-founded pseudo-science” ghosts keep climbing into acad-PhD delusions!

Bible authors knew about the riches and wisdom of early Egypt!

The only plausible answer to the history of Israel is that among the thousands of emancipated slaves, there had to be well-educated person, who was well-versed in international jurisprudence as well as traversing the Southern deserts where he had been exile for 40 years learning more about the only living and true God so that he could record the basic Judaeo-Christian documents that were read and applied by Joshua and the tribal leaders after Josua.

In Deuteronomy and Josua, and on Israel’s entrance into Canaan,

the Covenant instruction to Israel is specifically mentioned 14 times, and in the Covenant restoration under State Secretary Shaphan and King Josiah 11 times (cf II Chron 34 – 35). In their better days the early Insraelites were a people of the Book, not to mention the New Testment communities and worthies.

XIXth century pro-evelution researchers taught that Semitic writing was only lately developed, that old Israel was illiterate and the first real authors only functioned after the days of Ezra, trying to piece together old hear-say traditions. The patriarchs, Moses and the old narratives being designated “myths”!

At least a century before Moses and in the vicinity where he had sojourned for fourty years an Egyptian mine has been uncovered with public signs in the first phonetic Semitic alphabet with instructions to the miners!! Add to this hard evidence, the fact that in Egypt hieroglyphs (holy inscriptions) were confined to the priesthood, especially the High Priest, namely Pharaoh himself! As a state prince versed in the wisdom of Egypt, hieroglyphs would have been part of his early training! However in the desert for simple miners the “glyphs” had been transposed for ordinary folk!

Proto-Sinaitic Script predated Moses by some 300 years and here deciphered: “to the Lady (godess/)”


Isaiah knew of small boys that could not only count but make notes of the trees (cf Isa 10v19) and was looking toward a future out pouring of God’s Spirit with folk saying “I belong to the Covenant LORD”, and writing “I belong to the Covenant LORD!” (cf Isa 44:5).

But the great supposed “pseudo-scientific myth” was the conjecture that the Davidic Empire was also exaggerated “hear-say” only penned down in the age of Ezra. And, David and Goliath still more far-fletched. The area of the pitched battle was carefully noted as between SHA’ARAIM, Gath and Ekron. The latter two are two of the five walled cities of Philistia, but SHa’araim was less known and unidentified until a decade back when Y Garfinkel unearthed a fortified city in that are with two gates and no swine-bones (that identify not Israel settlements). The most feasible rendering of Sha’arim is “Double Gated” which fit the double entrances to Garfinkel’s excavated city of that precise era.

These are a few of the many evolution-based modern myths refuted by hard evidence.

The scholarly research to find “objective facts”, tried by human and fallible logic will continue theories and guessing ad infinitum with the subjunctive conditionals (“could, would should…) but will never compare with the simple transforming effect of trustingly reading and reacting to the Word of the Living God.

Addendum: Regarding human writing as different from rockart, in the 35th Century BC the earliest Americans could write and in the same age the earliest written pre-deluvian tablet has been unearthed!

Illustrations: swt, wiki or adapted.

TRUTH stranger than fiction

Die Bybel is net vol stories The Bible is just full of stories

           “Truth is stranger than fiction!”

Text Box: A story of Jack Spriggins spelling questioned) has been adapted and published at least 50 times in 300 years. In 2001 famous David A (spelling questioned) acted in @The real story@ with acknowledged humanist moralism. What is the truth – some might like to go for the @humanistic morals@. A 3-year old can start to differentiate the verb forms differentiating the fictious from observable truth.

Truth or fiction No 1.

B. Let’s inspect some 300 year old fiction:

“Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman:
Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

A story of Jack Spriggins (spelling questioned) has been adapted and published at least 50 times in 300 years. In 2001 famous David A (spelling questioned) acted in “The real story” with added humanist moralism. What is the truth – some might like to go for the “humanistic morals”, but there is no True Story, it is a fable with added ideas.

A 3-year old can start to differentiate the langauige forms differentiating the fictious from real happenings. It is an interesting story but is only 300 year old fiction.

A. John 18:31…,37: “All who are of the TRUTH, keep hearing My Voice”. This TRUTH has been read, transmitted, inherited and experienced world-wide for 2000. P52 was written 3000 km by road from where it originally had been written, and that in less than 3 decades. * TRUTH is mentioned 4x in this short excerpt, but some 47x in the original Gospel (22% of NT occurrences); witness/testify occurs once but occurs 27 times in the Gospel (22% of NT occurrences) * To a normal mind these last metal gymnastics seem unnecessary to verify authenticity * To those across the world from all religious and ethnic backgrounds and climes who spiritually “hear” the authentic Voice of The King of the Jews are marked by the TRUTH, read texts inspired by the TRUTH and experience the TRUTH as offered in this ancient fragmented text.

C. Now we have a sample of how sinful humans can change their spiritual values to fit their evil work and money-making:

For 2000+ years medics of every clime have believed, trusted and fulfilled the oath of Hippocrates II although the full oath’s wording available was copied 1400 years after his death, and the oldest fragment 650 years after his death. From 1900 fuzzi-science has scrapped his wording to fit “mod” thinking and doing, including the horror of humans ‘to be’ and humans ‘past used date’, abortion and euthanasia!

  • D. Since the “renaissance – rebirth” (t aGreek-philosophical idea borrowed from, but not that of John 3 as told to Nicodemus!) The limited logic, analyses, abstractions and fancy philosophical terminology has scrapped Johannine and Messianic “THE TRUTH” for their uncertain “could, couldn’t, maybe, wouldn’t, should and shouldn’t … methodologies, hypotheses, and more.” and utopian, political promises that are interred with their creators but “the evil that they do live after them”. “Science” is seeking observable facts but keeps on changing it’s mind. Yet media and politicians keep saying: “Science says” when “Science” keeps changing the story. When it comes to spiritual truth, philosophy and logics also keep critising and changings and never coming to reliable TRUTH.

The “mythological” Moses, Joshua and settling tribes read and copied and applied the renewed Covenant (Deut.) Joshua and millions of families and communities to date refused the babe- and human-slaying cult of Moloch-Baal, with the determined life-choice: “I and my household, we will serve the Covenant LORD!” This series of articles would like you as the reader, to find the strange but wonderful TRUTH in Jesus life, teaching, death and resurrection and invitation to enjoy His REAL LIFE.


Truth or fiction No 2. Earliest Writers,  Readers and Plagiarists of the Old Testament Prophecies.