CHRIST in us, our HOPE of Glory



He’s named Emmanuel, Mighty God is He,   

Wonderful Counsellor, of Peace, Messiah King,

Saints through all ages His Praises bring:

God with us and for us (and for minor me).

Christ is with me, in sunshine and in rain,

Christ before me, preparing, lighting and leading the way;

Christ is behind me, He my ransom did fully pay.
Christ is above me, my King for ever, He will reign.

Christ is in me, His precious Presence of holy purity and mighty power;

Christ undergirds me in every stress and test and heartsore;

With grace abundant to me a sinner -yes, more and more;

He’s always near me, from childish till hoary days until this hour.

Christ meets me early to guide me safely,

Along my way to setting sun and evening rest,

At every time, up every climb, and every crest

with every step, with every quest, He’s near and I am fully blessed.

Christ in the heart of the serving and obeying,

Christ in the mouth of all who proclaim

the sweet, all-powerfully, salvific Name

of Christ who till His Day will keep on reigning!

Christ in the eye of  those on Him focussing;                                          CB Papirus

Christ in the mind and ear of  the willing listening

of them who love his near and final re-appearing,
His authority and final Word of Gospel Teaching.

A final Name given us from Him on High

for all below who His praises sing,

Name of God’s ultimate, adorable King:

Wonderful Grace throughout life and grace to die!

It’s Christ who’s for me, It’s Christ above me,   

It’s Christ who’s in me and strengthens me.

Dis Christus vir my, dis Christus Bo my,

dis Christus in my, om trou te bly!

swt copyright NZ Passover 2019


Jesus Christus houding oor OT “wet”

Blye Wetslering

Op ‘n navraag oor die funksie van die “wet” in die gelowige se lewe, lewer ek my kommentaar: Ek het groot waardering vir u toewyding aan ons VerbondsHEER. die Lam maar ook die Leeu van Judah! In die Bondslering van Moses is hierdie radikale verbod geplaas; Jesus het dit in die Evangelies herhaal dat elke jota en tittel bly geldig en wie die minste daaraan peuter het min plek in Sy Koninkryk. 
Die hele Matt 5 is gewy aan die meer oorvloedige vervulling van die wet soos in Sy volmaakte lewe en soos Hy deur Sy Gees ons in die hele waarheid lei. Hy het gelewe en gelewe volgens “meer oorvloedige geregtigheid” wat uit ‘n rein hart en liefdes-gesindheid voortvloei.
In Jesus se waarskynlike laaste skrywe aan sy gemeentes is Open 22 se herhaling van die Moseswoorde in die Persoonlike Jesus-vermaning: Ek betuig aan elkeen wat byvoeg/weglaat ‘n finale weglating uit Sy Lewensregister!
Nou het ‘n geleerde Duitser, von Rad, baie bespiegel oor die profete se “herinterpretasie” van Moses en sommige reken dan dat ons ook kan “herinterpreteer”. Daardie profete wat die leer en etiek van “Moses” suiwer deurgedra het, het nie aan die BondsWOORD getorring nie en hulle Messiaanse strekking suiwer deurgedra en hulle Bondsboodskappe is in die OT teks opgeneem.
Die wat vir politieke en ander doeleindes profeteer het (vgl Bileam en die stryd wat die groter profete, veral Jeremiah), het gebots met valse profete wat vir politieke doeleindes die Bondswoord verdraai of weerspreek het.
Jesus en sy aangestelde Gesante sluit hierby aan telkens oor valse profete wat die gebod verdraai veral vir motiewe van onkuisheid en afgodery. In Petrus se laaste brief hy dan die Christevangelie “die heilige GEBOD”.
[“Ongehoorsames” sien die “wet” as anti-vryheid, verwerp, verag en haat dit en die Auteur daarvan. Dis ‘n ongelukkige vertaling van TORAh, wat eitlik “lering” is. Ons Verbondshoof “leer” sy Bondskinders; daarom juig hulle in die OT oor hulle Koning se “leringe”- sien meer as 30 sulke positiewe reaksies in die Psalms. Met reg plaas ons Kategismus die gebooie onder die leer van dankbaarheid soos Paulus se vermanings na Rom 12:1 – 2.] Ilustrasie: Blye dag-en-nag lering uit die Wet!

Covenant Families are Small Churches


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Cov Matrimony

In Biblical Greek and other languages <as> can introduce a metaphor or a basis or reason. E.g. “Be a MAN” – have courage like a man, you are a man”. “Dear lady,  be a man” – as you know how a strong man should be” = “Be like a man should be”. Paul’s wisdom: “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as unto the Lord.”

Eph 5:22 ff Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.   Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
Eph 5:25 ff Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
Eph 5:28  ff So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.  For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
Eph 5:30  For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
Eph 5:31  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
Eph 5:32  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

An example of the use of <as>: Even in the ancient Maori Migration a young girl saved the family from drowning in absence of the armed warriors who had gone ashore. She grabbed the holy and forbidden oars and shouted “Whaka Tane” – I make myself /act like a man”. That location is still named Whakatane. HER descendants like to tell the story.

Whaka Tane.jpg

PAX for eXcellence

PAX logo

The Pacific Academy for Xcellence is offering free courses in Evangelical Reformed Biblical Studies to Christian schools and churches in Eastern Asia and Southern America. Direct all inquiries to the Registrar, Box 65467, Mairangi Bay NZ or

The Old and New Testament Scriptures are the only solid basis for Christian thinking. That is why all our language and Biblical course are marked with an “X” for Christ our only Teacher of Truth.


 One of our basic courses is available as article on this web-site: “Only Christ”

Concerning author of this site, Doc Stan

Stanley Winter Theron, D.D., DrsPh has had a wide and international exposure to theological and language faculties, churches, missions and cultures, reading more tan a dozen languages.

He has many earned uni-degrees,certificates and post-grad qualifications in various fields: OT/NT Biblical and other theological disciplines, languages ancient and modern, history, archaeology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, mathematics. He tries to keep abreast with as much in each field as is applicable to his focussed interests.

prediker swt

Focussed interests:

  • Helping young folk, especially those wanting to enter the preaching and teaching professions to respect our Judaeo-Christian heritage in respect for,  responsibility to, and love for the Only Saviour our Covenant LORD Jesus Christ.
  • Young folk might find it difficult to take that internalising of cultural and moral standards, skills of better discrimination an judgment and responsible choices fully develop towards middle twenty years of age. Being exposed in both religion and culture to foreign values many teens have lost their appreciation and ultimately usefulness to their own people and country, becoming “second-grade” citizens in the “new world” with all its attractions. From 1956 to 2014 I have from time to time had the privilege of privately or publicly helping migrants to adjust to their new environment. Twice my inviting host was not enamoured with one of my approaches:
    • In 1956, my reference to the passage in Revelation where all types of cultures were bringing their specific riches before the King.
    • And again, in 2004 when at question time a refined Filipino lady posed the question: “But what about our cultural baggage?” “Sister, if you were coming by boat, before dumping your bags in the ocean of other folk’s ideas, inspect your luggage, discard the obviously useless, identify your treasures and don’t rashly dump them  overboard – they are part of who you are, your God-given identity, with which to improve your new environment!”
    • In both cases, my invitation was from well-meaning folk who have been schooled in the idea that their homeland cultural values should be standard for every other nation under the sun!
  • My lifelong WORD-focus: Having learned to read and ask inquisitive questions before my fourth year of age, I also learned to find answers to questions that hypercritical unbelievers often pose. In this I was deeply influenced by my Grandfather Winter, who had in the XIXth Century already weathered the storms of “higher criticism” in Great Britain.
    • He introduced me to Tut-en-kamn and archaeology. I came from school on August 7, 1945 to be greeted by him: “Today, science is starting to catch up with Biblical insights. I was taught that atoms are the final basis of indestructible matter. Today, the US is splitting atoms for bombs. Man can create his own fire and brimstone!”
    • Keeping abreast of that baby science of archaeology and other aspects of natural sciences, as well my own hobby horse, the NT text, I have endeavoured to help young Christian folk get a better understanding and grounding in accepting not only the Bible, but that the Bible is a living Word of a Living Person that interacts with those who trust Him.
  • My academic academic focus:  My first D-study concentrated on Biblical exegesis in my humble endeavour in preaching to rightly divide the Word of Truth so that my hearers would be pointed to the only True Path in life and eternally.
    • The last 15 years I have had the privilege to train Pasifika church leaders and teachers in understanding and discerning English theological language and studies. In many aspects they were like my teenagers of yesteryear: enthusiastic for better academic training, but in danger of not reading discerningly.
    • The articles on this web-page has tried to shortly address some of these needs, questions and possible answers
  •     My second D-study addressed two questions. 1) Why do non-Westerners find learning Biblical languages so difficult and even impossible – even intelligent and enthusiastic ministerial candidates miss out for not having the ability either. 2) In this research more accelerated methodology for language learning was identified, as well as the further “key” of accelerating interest, and debriefing stress. (In the same decade similar results were found in Maths-learning among non-Caucasian Americans.)
    • Factor one – more effective teaching/learning – has been applied to my ESOL- and Biblical teaching since 1990.
    • Facor two – less stressful learning has helped my students to enjoy study.

My face-to-face teaching, has now been reduced to www-teaching and advice of the PAX Academy (see . I enjoy any discussion, but prefer e-mail interaction ( ) but am available on SKYPE by appointment.

Any financial and other support is greatly appreciated. PAX bank details are available for the asking – click on

YHWH – Replace Pedantic Literalism in Bible Studies with Christological MEANING


My facebook friend, Ewald VH (vide) gives a lengthy and worthy study of the Biblical Names for Divinity. I take the liberty to add a few items, not as corrections but as further light on this much-debated subject.

My add-on 1 – “Dead Right: “The key point in all of this is that whether we use His actual Hebrew name, or refer to Him as God, or Lord, or Lord God, we are to always show reverence to Him and His name.” Not bickering over the linguistic sounds!!

Many references to Christ’s LORDship afford Him the Covenant Title (Gen 3:15 and more!!) My D-thesis insight – NT (Hebrews) cited an attributed Divine titles including YHWH to Jesus of Nazareth, the final CHRIST-Messiah!!

” Stupids are superstitious about literal and pedantically pronounced words and names are “magical”, a relic of some Jewish and non-Jewish thinking.

Jesus teaches us that attitudes (like LOVE) are most important, not logicalistic analyses of letters If more FB-friends could understand this and follow doubting Thomas’s example: “My Covenant LORD -YHWH – and my GOD!”

My add-on 2: The pedantic Judaists persecuted Jesus Christ for using that title, also in His many “I AM” (EhYEh) references and John builds his whole treatise around this concept: “The Eternal, Creator WORD became human, and we beheld His (Shekinah) GLORY as that of the Only SON of GOD!”. He and all NT authorised authors attributed this reverence to the Risen Saviour, our LORD Jesus Christ! “Come, let us adore Him … Christ, the LORD!”


Die Geslagte Lamb as Oorwinnaar

[A young man never forgot the admonition “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away sin …” and when as an old man he was weeping about the future, he found his answer as he wrote Revelation: “Behold the slaughtered Lamb, the Victor”. These words and an age-old hymn inspired Doc Stan’s devotions one morning early …]

HOM IN Aanskoue

Aanskou, aanskou die Lam van God

op die skavot, op skavot,

Verguis dra Hy my skuld op skavot:

op die skavot, op skavot;

Deur mens verwerp, deur God verlaat,

dra Hy my sonde, pyn en smart –

Hy gee sy als dat ek kan baat:

op die skavot, op skavot.


Aanskou, aanskou die Lam van God

op die skavot, ja op skavot,

nooit was ooit ‘n lewenslot –

die Seun van God op die skavot,

Duister die son, die aarde dreun,

die Hangsel skeur, en berge kreun

“Waarom verlaat?” ‘n laaste steun,

op die skavot, die dood skavot.


Ek sien, ek sien  Hom heel vergruis

teen my kruis, ja teen my kruis;

Voor Hom kan ek as skuldig bely,

voor Sy Kruis, ja, voor Sy Kruis.

waar Hy om te red, aan als voldoen,

bely ek met dank, ek is versoen

voor Sy kruis, ja voor Sy Kruis.


Ek sien, ek sien Hom aan my Kruis,

Bo Sy Hoof, my skuldbewys;

Ek sien Hom hoog, verhewe, verlaat

teen my kruis, ja, teen my kruis:

voddig staan ek voor Hom en beef

maar hoor sy woord ‘Vader vergeef’

my te bevry dat ek kan leef,

voor Sy kruis, ja voor Sy kruis.



Inspireer deur Joseph Hoskins (XVIII) en Franse Opera komponis DFE Auber (XIX) Wysie: Ephesus   Illustrasie Die oorwinnende LAM.

Behold the slaughtered Lam and Victor

A young man never forgot the admonition “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away sin …” and when as an old man he was weeping about the future, he found his answer as he wrote Revelation: “Behold the slaughtered Lamb, the Victor”. These words and an age-old hymn inspired Doc Stan’s devotions one morning early…


Behold, behold, the Lamb of God,
on a Cross, yes on a Cross;
He sheds for me His precious blood,
on a Cross, yes on a Cross.
Forsaken by God, rejected of men,
He bears my sin, my grief, my pain:
He gives His all that I may gain
on that Cross, yes on that Cross.

Yes, look and see the Lamb of God,
on a Cross, yes on a Cross;
None ever given such a dire lot
on a Cross, yes on a Cross.
Earth is now shaken, sunlight lacks,
the Curtain tears, as mountains crack,
“Why God has turned to Me His back
on this Cross, yes on this Cross.

I look and see Him molested and broken
on my cross, yes, on my cross;
To Him, my guilt must clearly be spoken,
before His Cross, before His Cross;
His life He has given and I’m forgiven,
gave His breath to save me from Death,
Shed Blood holy, poor that I could be cured
through His Cross, yes through His Cross.

I look and see Him on my Cross
above His Head my bill of death,
see Him above, forsaken of God
on my Cross, on my Cross;
Full filth I stand in that dire place
hear “Father forgive” His word of Grace,
that I may live before His Face
by means of His Cross, yes of His Cross.

Inspired by Joseph Hoskins (XVIII) and French Opera composer DFE Auber (XIX). Tune: Ephesus

(Illustration ” I saw a LAMB as Victor”)

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Moses ancient Word onthe threat of Moral Chaos


With the demise of a respected TV-journalist NZ/Aotearoa in again doing introspection as to our leading the world in suicides in spite of our “clean green” image and relaxed living circumstances.

More than 50 years ago I attended lectures of the late Dr Frankl who had – radically differing for Sigmund Freud – found and taught that having and making sense/ goals in life is essential in alleviating many psycho-problems including suicide.

He counselled folk with similar problems from both sides of the Iron Curtain standoff – in the less affluent East the possibilities of any future were dismal, in the West young more affluent folk had tasted every fun and pleasure by late teenage or early twenties and having no vision for a future.  He pointed out that fun and pleasure are not worthy goals. Real satisfaction should be the result of accomplishments, not a goal in itself.

If Westerners do not again worthy goals to live and die for, we are on a slippery slide in this point in history.

Three thousand years ago, the wise Moses warned against the dire results of a wrong view of life that could have tornado-type disasters for further generations – it is only great grace that can turn this around to blessings for hundreds of generations.

(Photo credit: Moses in Aotearoa, swt Theron)